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These four characters were illustrated exclusively for Macy's Cellar Private Label. Our goal was to create unique and emotive portraits that would inspire customers to bring cheer and humor into their homes.

Pentel Brush Pen, Micron Pen, Watercolor. Digitally edited. Decal Printed on Porcelain.


Walking through the streets of Brooklyn as they echoed with applause is an experience I hope to hold onto far after the pandemic is gone. I remember walking down Underhill in Prospect Heights and looking up at , knowing that hundreds of people in the streets nearby were doing the same. That was both emotional and oddly voyeuristic. 

This painting was done in tandem with a short personal article I had written, titled "It's Okay To Be Sweating The Small Stuff."

Watercolor, 9x12." Prints available upon request.


This was done in tandem with a short personal article I had written, titled "It's Okay To Be Sweating The Small Stuff."


This unique tropic pattern was created to be the narrative artwork for Macy's Spring 2019 Cellar line. It was refined to sit seamlessly with the core whiteware program while bringing a layer of color and whimsy to the table.



artwork created with watercolor paints, digitally edited.

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This album cover for the LA based band "Crazy Girl Therapy" (Chris Wilson, Meagan Grainger, and Ed Weeks) was inspired by the Lovers Tarot Card.











Digital artwork.


"Flyest Fables is an interconnected fiction anthology. In the premiere episode, we meet Antoine — a young boy bullied in school. Antoine finds a magical book that transports him into the world of Princess Keisha. Princess Keisha is on a quest to save her mother and the entire Kingdom of Orleans."

- Morgan Givens, Producer & Host 

Digital artwork, 10x10."



A series of sometimes funny, sometimes sad, usually sincere doodles inspired by the monotony of real-life heartache.

Contributions by:

Susie Boggess

Amamah Sardar

Jess Fuchs

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Pentel brush pen and Micron pen.


LexFest was a three-time running showcase featuring some of Pittsburgh's best stand-up comedians, many of whom had relocated to pursue their comedy careers New York.

Capturing the comedians' journey from New York back to their Pittsburg roots.











Ink line drawing, digital color fill.